The MONOCLE project has developed a number of ways to access data from the sensors and platforms. These include both dynamic and static data for the sensors and platforms which are listed below.

Data dashboard

MONOCLE sensors and platforms are designed to provide data to processing systems in near-real time. A series of dashboards demonstrates how to monitor sensor activity in the field. These dashboards pull data from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant data services which are listed for each sensor and platform below.

 View sensor activity dashboards
Screenshot of the data portal showing a world map with user interface to select data layers

Data portal

The OGC services which give access to MONOCLE sensor data include the Web Map Service, Web Feature Service and Web Coverage Service standards. Modern Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can connect directly to these services to display data on maps. Visit our open source GIS Portal featuring MONOCLE data to explore data collected in the field, as well as satellite maps of water quality in the MONOCLE test areas.

 Access the portal

MONDA (MONocle Data Analysis)

MONDA is a package for Python containing functions to download and process data from the MONOCLE sensor ecosystem.

Download package from PyPI View the project on GitHub  

Computer code on screen

Data access overview

Details on data access such as OGC data service capabilities, metadata descriptions and additional interfaces are provided below for each MONOCLE sensor or platform.
Hyperspectral Radiometer for Global & Diffuse Irradiance (HSP1)
Type of data: Hyperspectral global and diffuse irradiance data
Format: WMS, WFS (calibrated and calculated products)

(Layers: search for ‘hsp’)
  • rsg:hsp_public_view_short (spectrally integrated data only)
  • rsg:hsp_public_view_full (full spectral dataset)
  • rsg:hsp_public_view_deployments (overview of system activity)
WMS GetCapabilities
WFS GetCapabilities
Sensor activity and data dashboard
Smartphone camera metadata, pointing/GPS information: JSON metadata (refreshed every 5 minutes)
Raw spectropolarimetry images
Description of data: KdUINO prototype deployment at Loch Leven, UK, August 2018
Format: Static dataset - These data correspond to time series of light measurements taken at different depths.
Download as CSV

Description of data: KdUINO prototype deployment at Loch Leven, UK, August 2018
Format: Static dataset - This publication contains a time series dataset of light measurements.
Download as 
Download as NetCDF
MapEO Water
Type of data: Drone imagery collected by/for MONOCLE
Format: WMS, WCS (processed imagery)
WMS GetCapabilities
WCS GetCapabilities
Mini-secchi disk
Mini-secchi disk data is owned by Plymouth Marine Laboratory and DDQ and available in WMS and WFS formats:

WMS GetCapabilities
WFS GetCapabilities
Solar tracking radiometry platform (So-Rad)
Type of data: Hyperspectral Radiance, Reflectance data collected using the Solar-tracking radiometry platform.
Format: WMS, WFS (calibrated and calculated products)

(Layers: search for 'sorad')
  • rsg:sorad_public_view_fp_rrs (Rrs from Fingerprint algorithm)
  • rsg:sorad_public_view_3c_full (Rrs from 3C algorithm, radiance spectra)
  • rsg:sorad_public_view_fp_full (Rrs from FP algorithm, radiance spectra)
  • rsg:sorad_public_view_meta (System and location metadata only)
  • rsg:sorad_public_view_activity (Activity per instrument platform)
WMS GetCapabilities
WFS GetCapabilities
Water Insight SPectrometer Station (WISPstation)
Type of data: Hyperspectral reflectance and derived variables
Format: Proprietary API (Manual available: On WISPcloud website)

Data from Lake Balaton
Data from Lake Tanganyika
Access information
Username:  public_access
Password:  WISPstation